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Top Home Maintenance Tasks in Autumn

October 12, 2021

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As summer draws to a close, it is time to prepare your garden for the colder months. Keeping your garden neat for the winter, means that the space will be ready for the burst of colour in spring. We are here to offer you a checklist of the most essential, tidy up jobs in the garden for this time of year.

Trimming Hedges and Shrubs

Autumn is a perfect time to tidy up your hedges and shrubs, in preparation for the winter. If your shrubs are yellowing, it is time to cut them down. They yellow due to them drawing their sap back – and if they are not cut down, then they will decay. Shrubs and bushes can be cut to around a quarter of their size.

Hedges should be pruned in the autumn to prevent decaying. They should only be cut back as far as you can without creating holes. You should remove damaged or bent branches before cutting the hedge into shape. Be careful – check the hedge before cutting – you may find some summer bird’s eggs. The hedge should be wider on the bottom than the top, so that the leaves on lower branches get enough air and sun. It also prevents the hedge from looking sparse.

Leaf Clearance

During autumn, trees and shrubs will shed their leaves. Fallen leaves can cause a range of problems for property owners as they can become slippery. If leaves are not cleared, they can smother grass and fill the crowns of perennials, which can kill them.

We would suggest using a plastic rake to comb the leaves out. You do not have to worry about picking up every leaf - a few leaves can be left that sit among and underneath plants as they will rot down and provide soil enrichment. By raking leaves, you are preventing worm activity. We would suggest clearing the leaves little and often so that the leaves never build up and kill any grass or shrubs.

Old Crop Removal

Now is the time to clear rotting plants on the vegetable crop before they start to attract any pests or diseases. You could compost everything unless it is diseased.

If you are removing beans and peas – make sure to leave their roots in the soil to feed next year’s crop.  

Green Waste Removal

It is a good idea to remove green waste from your garden including branches, soil, leaves, shrubs, twigs, grass cuttings and more. We would recommend using a licensed waste carrier (like us) to efficiently clear away your garden waste.

This work should be carried out in an environmentally friendly, safe and fast way. The UK government have been encouraging people to reduce the amount of garden waste we send to local landfill sites. Garden waste is rich in nutrients, which can make superb soil compost and should always be composted if possible.

Planting Spring Bulbs

Start looking forward to your beautiful spring garden to welcome back the wildlife, warmer days and the new growing season by planting spring bulbs. This will allow their root systems to develop before winter. Then, their flowers germinate from the soil in spring. Place the bulbs in the ground with their tip facing upwards, cover them in soil and press down.

The weather is getting cooler, the trees are changing colour, and leaves are regularly falling. Autumn can be a transformational time for your garden. Although, you may feel that raking the leaves in your garden seems pointless when they continuously reappear – just remember that the hard work will pay off when your garden is starting to bloom beautifully when spring arrives.

If you are looking for a hand with keeping on top of the autumn maintenance tasks within your garden, Woody’s Garden and Property Services would love to help. We will make sure that your garden is well-kept and ready for spring. Our team are fully insured, and DBS checked. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 01323 727571.


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