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Garden Clearance Top Tips

January 12, 2022

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New Year, New Home

If you are planning on moving in the new year make sure your garden looks like new with our quick and easy garden clearance tips!

Is your garden an overgrown mess? Maybe you are planning on selling your property but feel your garden may put prospective buyers off? We have the perfect solution with our simple and easy guide. Using our helpful tips you can ensure your garden looks tidy and pristine in no time.

Be Prepared for the Task Ahead

Plan carefully - If you plan on clearing your garden jungle yourself you need to consider the amount of time you have available and how big the job is:

- What is your deadline?

- How much spare free time do you have? Just weekends?

- How large is the garden or space you are clearing?

- How overgrown is the space?

You do not need to aim to tackle the entire task in one weekend. You could take on one section at a time and take each task slowly. Begin with clearing any rubbish and the next weekend you can weed, then you can tackle the mowing. Breaking it up will make the whole process seem less consuming and daunting.

Have you got the right garden tools? - The next thing you need to consider is whether you are equipped for the job? Do you have the necessary tools required? Could you purchase them or borrow from friends and family? Being prepared is key to ensuring the task is completed as quickly as possible.

Consider the desired outcome for your garden - How do you want your garden to look at the end of the clearance? It’s difficult to work towards a finished product without a clear picture in your mind of the intended outcome. Try considering where you would like your lawned area and whether you will be adding any flower beds for example?

Once you have the above three points sorted you can begin the task of clearing your garden.

Garden Jungle Clearance Process

1. What would you like to keep? - Firstly decide which parts of your garden you would like to keep - identify your plants and consider whether you will be moving them to a new location within your garden. It’s worth keeping in mind that not every plant can be moved to a new location successfully.

2. Start to clear any rubbish - Now it’s time to discard unwanted garden furniture, plant pots, tools or rubbish within your garden. Creating a clear surface for you to begin working on.

3. Pruning and trimming - It's time to get the garden shears out. If you're in the position of clearing a garden jungle it means all your bushes, hedges, trees and plants will be terribly overgrown! Anything you want to be completely rid of you will have to rip them out from the root. If you're not sure you have the skillset to carry this out you could get them professionally trimmed.

4. Remove dead plants and weeds - You can choose to manually remove weeds with a gardening fork or with weed killer. Both can be quite a lengthy process as using weed killer still requires the dead plants to be pulled out. Be careful when using chemicals that you do not harm any plants you plan to keep!

5. Fresh base for your new and improved garden - You should now have a fresh base to do what you wish with your garden.  

Woody’s Jungle Clearance & Garden Clearance Service

Do you simply not have enough time to dedicate to clearing your garden? If you are under pressure and need your garden sorting sooner rather than later we offer an affordable Jungle Clearance service at Woody’s! There is nothing we love more than transforming overgrown gardens back to a beautiful blank canvas. If you're selling your home this gives the perfect base for potential buyers to imagine what they can do with the now usable space. Perfect for your estate agents photos and providing potential buyers with a far clearer picture of the size of your garden.

From weeding to removing rubbish – we have it covered. Our large tipper truck with its fitted cage allows us to take away large garden clearances quickly and efficiently. We work with residents and businesses across the local area, including Solicitors and Landlords.

For more information call us on 01323 727571.


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