Sensational garden clearance in Eastbourne

Wow! Look at the difference made by this garden clearance undertaken in Eastbourne. These are yet another great example of the type of work we can undertake for our customers. The person who appointed us to undertake this job was extremely happy with the end result, and you can see why from the dramatic difference […]

Jungle Clearance in Eastbourne

Here’s an impressive jungle clearance that we undertook in Eastbourne. The grass was extremely long and needed cutting, plus there was trees that needed to be removed and shrubs to be pruned.  A huge volume of garden waste was removed! The whole job took a team of 4 from Woodys, but the difference is absolutely […]

Spectacular garden clearance in Polegate

Here are some great before and after pics of a clearance undertaken in Polegate this week. By clearing the brambles, weeds and waste from the apple tree to the rear of the garden, the customer has managed to re-gain approx 50% of their garden. That’s quite an improvement! We removed approx 25cubic metre bags of […]

Extensive Eastbourne Garden Clearance

This garden clearance that was in Eastbourne, and was a very satisfying job! This took the whole team a full day to tidy the garden, clear the waste and apply wood chip mulch to the borders for weed suppression. The customer was extremely pleased with the end result, and the results are particularly impressive!

Garden Clearance in Hampden Park

We’ve carried out another garden clearance in Hampden Park, with dramatic effects! The garden has been transformed by our work and is now much more usable, family friendly and attractive. The customer was blown away by the results, and you can see why by looking at the photos. Have a look what other people have to […]

Garden tidy in Eastbourne

Here’s an impressive garden tidy up in Eastbourne! The customers brief was to strip out the left hand side of the garden, which had become severely overgrown as you can see. We completed the task in one day and filled our tipper truck twice with the garden waste. It was well worth it! The garden […]

New fences and complete garden clear out and tidy for a customer in Eastbourne

The recent bad weather has kept us very busy here at Woody’s – but a recent job for a customer in Eastbourne, got us such great feedback that we couldn’t wait to post it on the site! We carried out a complete garden clear out and tidy, for both the front and back gardens – […]

Garden clearance in Hailsham

Here are a few before and after shots of a garden clearance undertaken by Woodys Garden Services this week.  This was a garden in Hailsham that was absolutely fence to fence brambles, now cleared completely!  The customer was extremely pleased with the end result, look at the fantastic before and after shots to see why: […]

New addition to the Woody’s fleet!

We have a great new addition to the Woody’s fleet! This is a tipper truck with a cage fitted, to help with removal of Garden waste. This will help us with large garden clearances, allowing us to remove waste quickly and easily. This is a much more cost effective way of removing waste, and means […]